Donaldson Grove Shoe Distribution

Saturday, December 12, 2020


Location: 1519 Limestone Rd, Elora TN


Please remain in your car to pick up shoes! You will be given a registration number for each child that was registered. Please write the registration number(s) on a piece of paper and display it in your passenger window.


Pick Up Times:

PreK 9:30am

Kindergarten 9:30am

1st Grade 9:45am

2nd Grade 10:00am

3rd Grade 10:15am

4th Grade 10:30am

5th Grade 10:30am

6th Grade 10:45am

7th Grade 11:00am

8th Grade 11:15am

9th -12th Grades 11:30am


If you are not able to pick up during your time slot, you may pick up 11:45am – 12:15pm.


You may pick up all siblings’ shoes at one time.